Thursday, March 5, 2015


I've been writing code off and on during my career in IT but I've not ever really been a 'developer'.  Any coding I've done has been to make my job of managing server configuration or deploying software easier, so in a way, I've been doing DevOps before DevOps was a term.  Over the past year the frequency and focus of working with code has increased greatly and I've had a great time learning new languages.

The first big shift came in June of 2014 when I started working on Project Hanlon after attending TechCom, the first dedicated technology conference at CSC.  During this conference I met with Tom McSweeny and a few other folks to talk about Hanlon and how we could move the project forward.  This was my first exposure to the Ruby language and was great way to jumpstart working with code again.  Not long after beginning to poke around the code base, I had learned enough of how the project worked to begin adding functionality and fixing bugs.

The second big shift came in January 2015 when I started working on an automation project at CSC.  Since then I've been learning Python and working with the awesome sauce of Ansible.  I've written modules to extend functionality of managing VMware systems and have been able to reduce some deployment activities from hours to seconds.

I really enjoy creating things and with code I get a sense of being able to build anything.  I love those moments when everything starts to fall into place.  The feeling is much like when Emmet comes back through the portal near the end of The LEGO Movie.  He says, "I can see everything", and goes on to build anything he can imagine.